Are Florists accepting orders during COVID19?
Yes. Your Local Florist is accepting orders during this time of COVID19.

Is there a chance that the recipient can get COVID19?

Throughout the supply chain of flowers, from growers, to distributors, to florists, to the delivery courier, there is no difference in ordering flowers online as it is from any other retailer of any other industry of the pilferage items or any other retailer. In fact, it is the same with the postal services. There is always the risk, however, it is low per the experts. It is important to follow the Risk Mitigation Process for all supply chain growers, distributors, florist, courier and customer.


Variation of the Flowers & Flower Arrangements during COVID19:
There may be a slight change in the floral arrangements type of flowers, colors and or container during the COVID19 pandemic. This is due to the shortage of supplies and manufacturer or grower employees working.
Delivery Method during COVID19: Risk Mitigation Process
The Courier Drivers will be wearing a mask and are checked for any flu like or Coronavirus symptoms prior to going on the road.
Contactless Delivery: Risk Mitigation Process
All of the florists will provide you with a contactless delivery to your recipient’s doorstep. They will be taking a picture of the flowers left at your doorstep and you should follow up to ensure that they received the flowers.
After Receiving the Flowers Use Hygiene Care: Risk Mitigation Process

Request your Mom in advance that once she places the flowers in the vase or in an area that she likes, to wash her hands with warm water and soap.

Mother's Day Shipping Updates – Order Early before May 9th 2020
As we are all aware, Shipping delays have increased across the globe and the floral industry is no exception. We appreciate your patience as we work with our shipping partners as we prepare for Mother’s Day.

Due to many the COVID19 pandemic, we are expected to have sold out on flowers soon than the usual holiday occasions during Mother’s Day. In addition, there may be a higher than usual delivery fee & a service charge at checkout. This is to reflect the cost of shipping with an upgraded service in regions that are at a higher risk of delay.

There is a potential for delays the week of Mother’s Day and we strongly encourage customers to order for delivery earlier in the week rather than Saturday, May 9th.

Mother’s Day Shipping to Hospitals, Urgent Care and Front Line Employees
Most Hospitals, Urgent Care and Front Liners working in these facilities are not allowed to receive anything during the COVID19 pandemic. It is suggested that you send the flowers to their home address instead.
Other Reference Points for COVID19
Please refer to the
CDC at and
WHO for up additional information and up to date information regarding the COVID19 Pandemic.

Sending Chocolates or any other Products other than Flowers
There is a delay in sending Chocolates and Boxed Candy, Gifts, Gourmet Baskets, Tea Packages of about 7 days to 10 days. This is due to the COVID19. We apologize for the inconvenience.